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Why join a Yacht Club?

A yacht club can bring you together with others who share your interest in boating through cruising events on the water and social activities on shore.

What does Totem Yacht Club offer its members?

Totem Yacht Club emphasizes safe boating and friendship over protocol and ceremony. While we do have monthly social events in our clubhouse in Ruston overlooking Commencement Bay, Totem YC is primarily a cruising club. In addition to over 12 weekend cruises annually we have a two-week summer cruise, a children's cruise and support several boating activities in the South Sound.

Is it expensive to join?

Because Totem owns its clubhouse we can offer dues that are very competitive for the Northwest. The current initiation fee of $75.00 and annual dues of $250 annual dues for a family/vessel membership or $140 annual dues for a social/20+ year membership are subject to change. If you are an active boater, you can actually save money by taking advantage of free moorage offered by the many yacht clubs in Washington and British Columbia that have reciprocal moorage with Totem.

Safe Boating-

If you are new to boating or new to boating in Puget Sound, Totem provides the security of cruising to places and destinations with boaters who “have been there and done that”.

Who joins Totem?

We have contractors, school teachers, state employees, active and retired military, bankers, fire and policemen, small business owners, nurses, Boeing employees, engineers, flight attendants, dental hygienists, insurance brokers and lawyers to name few. Our boats range in length from 14 to over 50 feet.

Where do Totem members like to cruise?

Typical cruising destinations include Blake Island, Des Moines, Poulsbo, Port Orchard, Fair Harbor, Bell Harbor, Percival Landing, Gig Harbor, Dock Street, Quartermaster Harbor, Penrose, San Juan and Gulf Islands, Princess Louisa, Desolation Sound, and the Broughton's at the north end of Vancouver Island.

Where can I go for more information?

Call 253-759-9062 (Clubhouse Phone Number)

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